🤖Open NerdBot

Hey! make it simple for your community to check on-chain data right in your own community

So let's start the route with Open_NerdBot by adding @open_nerdbot to your community

Then just give our bot permission to send messages, and it'll get to work right away

Tips: Use /help for a summary of all features of Open_Nerdbot which your user can use


Our bot will make it convenient for your users by helping them research and discuss on-chain data right in your community without having to switch to any other platform

In any community conversation, users can use the /_ + token symbol or contract address command to perform the following features:

/s: Will scan if the token is "healthy" or not the same like Security Check

/c: Will make a price chart of the token that will generate

/p: Will help user quickly check the price of a token and its basic information

/sm: Will emulate the behavior of the Smart Money Wallet on the token last 14 days

/w: Will show an easy-to-understand report on how well a wallet is doing

/e: Will show the Inflow and Outflow of tokens within exchanges

/early: Early summary of token

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