📡On-chain Radar

The On-chain Radar feature allows users to quickly get information about trends, Smart Money, and pools.

How to use it?

Click 📡 On-chain Radar

There will be 05 different features to choose:

1/ Smart Money: The movements of Nerd Smart Money in 3 timeframes: 24H, 7D, and 30D.

2/ Top Pools: The Top 10 pools that have grown the fastest in 24H, 7D, and 30D.

3/ Top Fresh: The Top 10 tokens that have been bought the most by fresh wallet in 12H and 24H.

4/ Exchange Flow: This function is designed to verify the Inflow and Outflow of tokens within exchanges.

5/ Market Maker: The movements of Market Maker in 3 timeframes: 12H, 24H, and 7D.

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