Token Xsight

Dive deep into understanding every detail about the token you're interested in. Think of it like getting a complete picture.

How can use it?

1/ Click ⭐️ Token Xsight

2/ Then input token symbol/contract address

⚠️When inputting a symbol, ensure you've thoroughly verified the contract address.

Finding the right token for a symbol can be challenging when there are multiple options. Yet, we will pick the most popular one.

👉 Using symbols is more user-friendly for widely-known tokens.

Yet when dealing with newly introduced tokens, We suggest locating and inputting the contract address.

The Result

There are essential details about your token correspondingly:

  • Contract Address

  • Buy/Sell Tax

  • Price

  • Total Supply

  • Liquidity

  • Trading Volume

  • Marketcap

Furthermore, we offer a range of in-depth analysis features such as Smart money, Top gainer, and Exchange Flow, ...

These features will be extensively covered in the subsequent section for your thorough understanding.

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